On playing Video Games

On playing video games . There is a lot of discussion on whether children should play video games. In my opinion , kids should play video games . They really love it . Even I loved it when I was a kid and I still play a lot of games . The only thing that has changed over the years is the genre of games that I play .
I used to play adventure games back then . There is nostalgia about games like Double Dragon and Contra . These were the games that opened me up to the world of video games . And then , when I got my computer , the world was full of games from Activision , EA games , Rockstar and a whole herd of others .
There are many things that can be learned by playing games .
  • Firstly , we learn to plan strategy . Planning is an important aspect of life . 
  • As kids we learn to explore . In modern times , we are not able to travel as much as we should . Games take us to new and exciting worlds .
  • Games help consolidate thinking process and memory . They also improve concentration power . 
So , parents must not weight down upon kids who play games a lot . It can be disheartening for the kids .

How to resolve diablo 3 error and firewall issue

How to resolve DIABLO 3 ERROR

The most eagerly anticipated game of the year Diablo 3 from blizzard eventually turned out into a mess for game players all across the globe .Most of the avid gamers found themselves unable to play the game due to ennumerable Error messages.One major issue was that Battle.net (Blizzard's game server) was down several times as they were not ready for such a huge population.
Here is a list of the Error messages and what must be done to override them. If your installation disk is ejected automatically: Reinsert your installation disk and try again.Try this repeatedly.If this still doesn't resolve go to Battle.net and install Diablo 3 digitally.If you had downloaded digitally instead ,this error is caused when the files are not converted correctly.This is caused by closing the downloader early.Please allow for some time even after the downloader shows 100 % .
 Error 37 : This indicates that the server is full.Keep trying to log in.
 Error 12 : Global Play Feature is disabled .All regions are not active.Make sure you choose the correct region when starting a game.
Error 108 : This error can be caused by incomplete or corrupted installation files.This can be caused by closing the downloader early.To resolve this error ,download the files again and point to the same saved location as the previous installation to remove any download errors.
 Error 24000 : You may run into this error trying to start a game when logged in.No resolution is present but will be resolved using a patch.
Error 3004 , 3006 , 3007 and 300008 : Follow these suggestions to resolve these errors . 1)Check Server Status : go to Breaking news section of the Diablo 3 login screen. 2)Eliminate jam caused within network cache: Power cycle the modem and router. 3)Reconfigure Router and Firewall settings : to manually connect to Game server. 4)Just Update your Operating System and check again. 5)Try closing background Applications. 6)Pay heed to security programs(anti-virus) and resolve any conflicts.
Error 315300 : Ensure that you are typing in the correct account information.See that no additional spaces have been inserted in your email address field before /after the email id. Gray Login button : Your account name is your email address at Battle.net Unable to initialize streaming : This can be caused the security software(Firewall) of your system. Change your firewall settings and try again.
 No License attached : Create a Battle Tag for your account. Updating Setup Files .